As the lines between B2C and B2B models blur, is it possible to find stability within the modern business ecosystem?

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In a market where big players dominate and small fish fight each other for the scraps, isn’t it time we started looking at new ways of playing the game?

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The data is unambiguous and frightening. We are eating ourselves to death. Literally. Strange way for the wisest, most successful species on the planet to behave, don’t you think?

A bit off-topic, but thought of sharing it with my readers.

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Food tech is scrambling to create tasty, cheap food products that don’t expand our waistlines. Sound too good to be true? Unfortunately, it is.

Boost your startup's productivity by having better meetings.

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2019 measures by the EU may offer competitive advantage opportunities to SME food companies in the era of COVID-19.

“Most countries under that system, the iron curtain long ago gave way to membership of the EU and its single market. Yet consumers and politicians in the East remain convinced that goods sold in Western Europe — even well-known brands made by multinationals — are of superior quality to those sold under the same branding in their countries.” (Guardian)

How I Created a Powerful Homegrown B2B Brand without Investment.

A lack of sales projections can mean that B2B start-ups are left flapping around in the dark when it comes to ordering. So why are traditional contracting models still being applied by B2B suppliers, which threaten the integrity of the relationship and the very ability of the start-up to stay afloat?

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One founder’s food innovation journey and lessons learned.

Illustration: treskiddos/TOSLA

Primoz Artac

Food Science & Tehnology Entrepreneur, Food startup CEO @, #1 dad of 2 girls :)

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